13 March 2010

Politics Cannot Be Fixed

We face a dilemma in that most Americans are committed to democratic governance and many Americans want elected officials to assume responsibility for matters that they cannot manage.

American politics is not broken: it is working in the dysfunctional way that it should be working, given its unwieldy size and scope. What may be breaking are naïve idealistic beliefs that politicians can use a large and intrusive government to serve "the people." And the demise of such beliefs would be a good thing.

The idea of public-spirited politicians acting through large and unlimited government is utopian.

The basic lesson here is that politics cannot be fixed.
D W MacKenzie on Politics Cannot Be Fixed.


J.B. said...

My sentiments exactly. I was recently thinking of the concept of christian economics, googled the phrase, came across your other website which led me here. You write well and I agree with much of what you present. I hope many others happen across your site too.

Blessed Economist said...

Thanks JB