28 December 2010

Job Creation

A businessman does not spend his day considering how a job is to be created. On the contrary, if he is a successful businessman, he spends his time thinking about those activities that he can engage in to produce a profit. Once he has determined the profitable activity, he then channels resources to achieve the desired result: making money.

It is from this profit motive, this potential increase in productive activity, that jobs are created. As a developer, I do not hire an employee before I have conceived of a construction activity that will earn me a decent return. I hire an employee when I have a productive need for his services. As Say so clearly understood, it is the productive activity that creates the employment that puts money in people's pockets that can then be used to purchase other products.
Fred Buzzeo on Job Creation.

24 December 2010


The most alluring and dangerous deity in the United States is the omnipresent, syncretistic god of nationalism mixed with Christianity lite.
Michael Gorman in Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness: Following the Lamb into the New Creation (p.56).

10 December 2010

Not Ready

Except for the very old, Americans have generally lived pretty easy, comfortable, safe, and prosperous lives.

That's why this downturn will be worse than the Great Depression. Americans are not prepared for adversity. During the Great Depression, most people still lived on farms. They heated their houses with wood they cut themselves. They grew their own vegetables. They canned their own fruit. They raised their own hogs. They knew how to survive.

That's not true today. We don't know what would happen in a major crisis. But people are not ready for it. They depend on the system...the cash machines and grocery stores...and the unemployment compensation and food stamps. I don't think they could stand it if theses things break down.
Bill Bonner's Particularly Gloomy Friend