02 November 2011

Everybody Hates Capitalism

Few people really like capitalism — even people who call themselves capitalists. The feds could probably round them all up and gun them down in an afternoon. Capitalism is too chancy…too unpredictable…and too uncontrollable. No wonder so few people are fond of it; capitalism is a poor friend. It is disloyal. It is mischievous and willful. It is hard to get along with.

Capitalism offers is no sure route to success. You can be smart, work hard, and go to the best schools. There is still no guarantee that you will succeed.

Nor, once you’ve succeeded, is there any sure way to maintain your wealth, power and status. Wealth has no fidelity, neither to any one person, group, or family. It goes where it wants. It is fickle and unreliable.
Bill Bonner in Everybody Hates Capitalism

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Anonymous said...

The issue is not love versus hate. It is possible to work hard and not achieve material wealth. The problem is not with capitalism, whose tenets are good. The problem is with the execution of those tenets by sinful people.

If we love the accumulation of riches best, we are empty whether we achieve the goal or not. The key is to accept the blessings from God's right hand and the trials from His left, both given for our good. The ultimate goal will be achieved by those who persevere. Perseverance is made easier when we trust this truth and guard our hearts from the love of money.

Julia Gwin