13 January 2016

New Allegiance

Evangelism is inherently political action. The gospel calls people give their ultimate allegiance to Jesus, not the nations state. It proclaims a kingdom that spans the entire world. It transcends ethnicity, culture, gender, economics and political affiliation.
Patrick Wu

11 January 2016

Nation State

When Christians forget that they are fundamentally citizens of God's kingdom, not the nation state, they become arrogant or presumptuous in political matters.
Jennifer McBride

09 January 2016

God is King

The modern world does not want to face the challenge of theocracy, the news that God actually has become king. What does it look like when God becomes king. That is the question the gospel attempts to address.

When God becomes king, he will put things to rights. He does not send in the tanks, he sends in the weak and the broken-hearted.

NT Wright

07 January 2016

Socialistic Military

The military is a socialist institution.
Philip Blond - Radical Republic